Jem D’jelal

Scrum & Agile Trainer/part time consultant & coach

In the last 90’s I trained as a Social worker but didn’t wanna be broke & stressed for the rest of my life. So I decided to pursue my other passion, computing. I did a follow up degree & ended up in a Bank. Two years on, I realised  that I was still a social worker just under the new name of ScrumMaster!
I’m a hands on down to earth practitioner of Agile ideas who prides himself on experiencing how ideas, techniques & methods come to life (or don’t) when they meet reality. Since 2005 I’ve worked with 100+ teams using Scrum & other Agile ideas & I keep a journal of all the experiments, learning & little wins which pop up that remind me of why I do what I do!  I’m a professional trained coach, I co-train for the Scrum Alliance & consult part time mainly with Managers who need help translating their desire of “becoming Agile” into action. My true passion though is being at the coal face with the people doing the work, the challenges & satisfaction of serving & helping teams bring me a deep sense of  joy. Most of the time anyway 🙂

My Sessions