Paddy Corry

ScrumMaster at eShopWorld

Paddy Corry is a Scrum Master at eShopWorld, and is currently working with two development teams there. eShopWorld is an Irish global e-commerce business, ranked #1 fastest growing tech firm in Ireland 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Deloitte. In 2018, eShopWorld also won the Excellence in Talent Development award from Technology Ireland.

Paddy is a humble scrum master, coach, mediator, change agent, and is passionate about learning, culture, process, creativity and helping teams.

Paddy co-organises a local Agile meetup group called Dublin North Agile (DNA), and is always looking to connect with speakers and contributors.

Paddy also enjoys writing, and frequently publishes on Medium for a publication named Serious Scrum, where there is a vibrant community discussing scrum and agile related matters in an ever-growing Slack workspace.

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