Thomas Homolka

Senior Agile Coach @MAN & Founder of Agile Failure Friends

Thomas is an Intrapreneur, Growth Hacker and Senior Agile Coach. As such he is helping MAN Truck & Bus – a German automotive company with a huge heritage – to master digitization successfully and remain an innovative and user-centred company.

In the role of a Product Owner Agile Transformation he – together with a cross-divisional team – is driving the transition at MAN.

In order to allow this cultural change to happen, he is using his extensive communications background as well as his experience within internet economy companies like Skyscanner or Microsoft.

Thomas is the founder of Agile Failure Friends, a community which provides a platform for failure, to learn from it and most important to understand failure as the root of innovation. Read more here: https://www.agile-failurefriends.de/

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